Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Keri said: I was able to submit nearly 600 names for baptism & endowment, nearly 500 sealing to parents, and 140 sealing to spouses.


I actually found it harder to do the Smith & Dobbins names, so that is interesting what you say about the DNA. I didn’t get any pictures off of Ancestry.com. Do I need to have a membership to get them?

The names are at the Albuquerque Temple in the Kirtland 5th Ward file. Anyone can ask for them (I think at the recorder’s office? I’m not sure how the Albuq. Temple works, exactly. I know it’s different than Provo.) You and all of the other family are more than welcome to do the names! My name will be on the cards. I have submitted a few other families from my husband’s side, so it is possible that the names come from his lines, though. As I was going through my research, I could tell that someone had done several periods of work on the Gililland line (some in the 70’s and some more recent, but I can’t remember the dates.) I’m guessing that was some of your work I saw.

I believe I’ve seen the Nielson names as the sources on many of the names that were listed on FamilySearch. I should probably contact them to see what they’ve done & what they can offer.

--Keri Chipman

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