Monday, January 5, 2009

YOO HOO, Yay hoos, we are searching for News of your families. We need more information on the Jarom Decker family--I didn't tell the kids about the wedding, and now there is a new baby???--send Pictures!

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DSigns said...

Jarom married Sarah James of Kirtland in the Monticello, Utah temple December 27th, 2006. They live in Rexburg, Idaho and are currently going to BYU-Idaho. Jarom is majoring in Physics and Sarah is majoring in Math. They had Matthew Micheal Decker on Sunday November 23rd, 2008. They blessed him in Kirtland, New Mexico on December 28th, 2008(yes Melanie and Kasey's B'day.) Shannon is also going to BYU-I and is majoring in Elementary Education. She is home right now as she is on the spring/fall track. Jessica is coming home (Kirtland) on February 4th from the Buenos Aires south mission.